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About Us
Henan Livable New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of children clothing, LIVABLE is a creative and passionate company and willing to contribute its professional experience and ideas to the industry and customers. Beneficial from the ambitious leaders and diligent staffs, LIVABLE took over local market rapidly and gained good reputation from the clients. Now LIVABLE firmly aims to serve the global client and committed to expend its international business.

The company is committed to change your creative idea into real product. Our experienced R&D team and mutual production line ensure us with a strong OEM/ODM capability and efficient productivity to satisfy our customer’s demands and business.

The company’s vision is to become a competitive high-end global kid clothing supplier comply to design, production, supply and service. Our team including designing, production, management and sales would love to provide all their knowledge and ability to support your get better business and live.

LIVABLE, your ideal partner of business, your expert for buying kids clothing.

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Customer Ever Said

“I’m pleased to cooperate with LIVABLE, their staff and team help me a lot on the first-time purchase. You know as a start-up business, we can save lots of time and energy by LIVABLE business support, I like them and appreciate their work.” -- Kevin Fisher

“LIVABLE impressed me a lot on its high efficiency service, I was worried about if they will finish my order on time because I tell them too late, but they did a great job on this. It’s no problem a right thing I give them order. We make a good deal.” -- Suresh Kumar